Ready for the Weekend 6/22/2012

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  • Today is Anti-Fascist Struggle Day in Croatia. Goulash for everyone!

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: I had so much fun playing Borderlands 2 at E3 with Peter Rubin, I went out and bought back my old copy of the original game so I can play it with Peter Rubin over the Internet. If my Internet ever comes back. If not, it’s Max Payne 3 and his boozy, depressing American adventurism.

    Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: Hopefully going to Cold Springs tomorrow to see Goonies at an outdoor theater. This will probably involve outdoor drinking, which is generally fun. Also I might load Grand Theft Auto 4 back up and play the Ballad of Gay Tony. Maybe listen to some heavy metal.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: Pool party & a donkey show.

    IanIan Gonzales: This weekend I will sit down and read the new John Layman and John McCrea Mars Attacks! comic. I will also be celebrating the birth of Dude Red himself – Dave Trainer.

    Don UDon Becker: Nearfest Apocalypse. Three days of prog rock in the Lehigh Valley, headlined by two of my favorite bands, Van Der Graaf Generator and UK.

    Matt Marrone: As my 34th birthday approaches, I will be drinking myself into a happy oblivion.

    GeorgeGeorge Collazo: This weekend, I’ll probably rewatch The FP, try and squeeze a little more goodness out of Skyrim, and watch the LSP episode of Adventure Time again.

    Ken Lucas: Bath salts and cannibalism.

    GusGus Mastrapa: I’m going to play in a friendly Settlers of Catan tournament. And, maybe, catch that dumb Prometheus movie if I’m feeling like hurting myself.

    Dan ImperialeDan Imperiale: Working. Nursing a separated shoulder. Too hot.

    Brian TaylorBrian Taylor: Hoping the heat breaks. Buying a new bed, maybe. Reading a lot, dancing a little. Oh, and a rock show or two.

    SteveSteve Haske: Fantasy: drowning work sorrows at the bottom of a bottle. Reality: playing work sorrows.

    Chris DahlenChris Dahlen: Watching Brave, and The Legend of Korra season finale. Maybe go out and eat a lobster.

    RichardRichard Clark: I have to play Lollipop Chainsaw for review… sooooo… I could think of things I’d rather be doing.

    SamSam Machkovech: A two-week-long Studio Ghibli retrospective kicks off in Seattle this weekend, so look for me in a castle in the sky. Also, Quantum Conundrum.

    BrendanBrendan Keogh: On Monday I’ll be presented my first-ever academic paper at a conference… so I’ll be spending the weekend writing an academic paper. Exciting, I know.

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