Ready for the Weekend 3/2/2012

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  • On this day in 1933, King Kong was released. What are you doing this weekend?

    Stu HorvathStu Horvath: I always thought that there was nothing worse for me than packing, until I had to pack for a trip directly after another trip. San Francisco bound, but what will I forget this time? Last time it was toothpaste. This time it could be anything – socks, my book, my sunny disposition. I apologize in advance, GDC 2012.

    Charles Francis Moran VIChuck Moran: I, too, am going to GDC this weekend. I am ready to roll. I got new kicks, a new hat and a new track suit.

    HamboneJohn McGuire: Reading the Hunger Games and catching up on the latest Daredevil series in a Poughkeepsie hotel room. There will be beer and higher than average rolls for charisma.

    IanIan Gonzales: Tonight, I return to the McKittrick Hotel for one last dalliance with witches, nobles and the mentally unstable. Tomorrow, I fly out to sunny Los Angeles for a week of the same (and a pool).

    DaveDave Trainer: This weekend I intend to catch up on work and continue drawing. Geek Flea 3 is closing in fast!

    EbEbenezer Samuel: I am with Gus. Wall-to-wall Mass Effect 3. Not that I mind. Oh, and I will have to take the missus to dinner so she lets me play all day and night…..

    Don Becker: Going through my stuff to see what I can sell at Geek Flea 3. So far I have a jailbroken Apple TV and two Coleco arcade games.

    Matt Marrone: I’m working straight through the weekend. Any parties on Monday or Tuesday, though, and I’m all-in.

    Ken Lucas: I plan on giving Gotham City Impostors a go and I just discovered an abandoned mine under my castle in Minecraft that I will be exploring.

    Richie Procopio: This weekend I’ll be engaged in PvP matches in Star Wars: The Old Republic and also trying to finish up some games that I’ve been slacking on: Batman: Arkham City and Skyrim. I also will be checking out an interesting MMO that released this week called Wakfu. It’s a turn-based game like Final Fantasy Tactics, but with hundreds of people online. Neato.

    Gus Mastrapa: I will be gorging on Mass Effect 3. Thanks, EA, for sending the game two days before deadline.

    Brian BannenBrian Bannen: I plan on watching our boys’ basketball team win the state championship. Plus, I’ve been catching up on Age of Apocalypse stories, so I’m looking forward to getting more into that, as well as finishing Stephen King’s The Wind Through the Keyhole. It’s good to see Roland and his ka-tet again.

    Erik WeinbrechtErik Weinbrecht: This weekend I will continue to do retina damage for an upcoming Unwinnable piece… That’s all I’m at liberty to say.

    Mark Mariano: I’m excited to see the Ring of Honor Wrestling 10th Anniversary Show on Sunday in NYC. I do believe there are tickets still available. I’m hoping it has that same feel as the old days of ECW.

    BrianTaylorBrian Taylor: Flying to SF for GDC.

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