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  • Violet GrevvesMy name is Violet.

    I am a comic book reader. These days, I mostly read stuff like Sweet Tooth, Scalped, Umbrella Academy and Hellboy. When I was younger, it was all about Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Wolverine and an ongoing obsession with Batman. I’ve always loved the stories and the characters.

    But I am not here to talk about comics. I am here because I want to learn about gaming. I want to start playing.

    Why gaming? Why now? Well, the truth is…all this started because of a boy. Let’s call him ‘Will.’ I really, really like Will. We’ve been friends for a while and he’s a ‘gamer.’ I know lots about comic books but I know nothing about games and now seems like a good time to learn. I want to spend some time doing stuff he likes.

    That’s one side of it.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. Never change yourself for someone else – that’s what my mom says at least – but I also want to start playing videogames because I like stories. I like playing inside stories. That excites me.

    I grew up with older brothers who played Dungeons & Dragons – the pen and paper roleplaying game where you would go to your friend’s house and spend hours playing, or fighting, depending on your mood. I was basically a toddler though and, of course, I was never invited.

    Eventually, I found my own thing. I would make pocket change babysitting and then spend it at the local comic book store. There was only one problem: the comic book store was an hour away and my parents worked full time. It took two bus changes and dozens of stops to get to the comic book store but I always loved it there. The fluorescent lights, the rows of comics filled with so many stories and characters, it was perfect. I would spend hours reading and then buy the two or three comics I could afford for the bus ride home from Atlanta to Alpharetta.

    Well, here I am. My brothers have since moved on, become “adults” and no longer play D&D, so now it’s my turn; I’m jumping in head first and I am psyched at the prospect of learning about videogames.

    Whether it pays off with Will, I don’t know, maybe something will develop, but in the meantime, there is a whole world of gaming to explore…But first, I have to work a ton of double shifts to make the money to buy an Xbox 360 and a game or two. Only then will I learn how to kick ass.  And man, I have a lot of learning to do.

    I think I’ll start with Fable 2

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    9 thoughts on “Blank Slate

    1. John McGuire says:

      Nice story. After Fable 2 you should try Costume Quest.

    2. Don Becker says:

      Welcome to the team, Violet!

      I'd suggest GTAIV. Captivating story and the visceral thrill of shooting people.

    3. Ingeneering says:

      I don't even know you and I'm so excited for you! I'm excited for you because video games are one of the most expansive, imaginative, and compelling vehicles for story telling.

      As a "gamer" myself (26 yo, gaming since I was 11) allow me to make a few recommendations:

      Mass Effect 1 and 2

      Bioshock 1

      Uncharted 1 and 2

      Chrono Trigger DS

      Half Life 1 and 2, Portal

      I've personally played all of them, and the listed are my absolute favourite based on depth of plot, character development, and gameplay.

      I also offer the following tip for a gamer on a budget:

      Check out Steam! It's a digital download/gaming hub resource that's very popular because of their great customer service, security, and incredible sales. I think their website is still

      Finally, there's a fairly good community at in the /r/gaming where you could ask questions.

      Good luck, you're at the precipice of so much awesomeness. I sincerely hope you enjoy your adventures in gaming.

    4. Delicious Coookies says: is a very nice place with older PC games that pretty much guarantees any PC made back in 2005 is playable on. Learning the roots is a great start, especially if you are not a so use to modern gaming to feel pushed away by older games.

      As for modern games, try out the Mass Effect series.

    5. Keith says:

      If your playing for good story. Fable is a really good choice but I would also Highly recommend the Assassin creed games. All 3 games are available on the 360 so you would not be starting with the 2nd in a series.

      The Assassins creed series has the most captivating story of any game I've played, and I've been gaming since NES.

      The Fable and Mass Effect series would be the next best as far as captivating and enthralling stories go.

    6. Chris Davis says:

      Hi there Violet,

      Welcome to gaming! I came across your story while on Reddit this morning and I couldn't help but feel I had to throw my two cents in. As I agree with several of the above posts that titles like Mass Effect and the Half-Life titles I have to recommend that, should you be looking for a transitional title to get you used to shooters, you give The Darkness a try. The Darkness, based on the comic of the same name, is an excellent example of emotional storytelling and is easily one of my favorite games of this generation. It is several years old now so it can be purchased for a relatively cheap price as well.

      If you are also looking for a good yet cheap title I highly recommend giving Pac Man Championship Edition DX. It just came out on the Xbox Live Marketplace this past week and has served to soak up most of my free time.

      Good luck with your new gaming career! I look forward to reading your future updates.

      Chris D.

      Austin, TX

    7. Jennifer Sisco says:

      I only started playing a few years ago myself, Fable 2 was definitely one of my favorites. A good game really should be playing inside a story. A couple of recommendations, Costume Quest which is a downloadable game on XBOX Live, Red Dead Redemption has a great story with fun Wild West game play. These were my 2 faves this year. Good Luck and have fun.

    8. kills says:

      cliche alert: if your starting gaming, for story mode, i would pick up halo 1… it was a really good plot, the controls arent too crazy, and its rewarding at the end.

      also props to whoever said bioshock, its one of the best games ive played, some games with good stories you can pick up for cheap are

      beyond good and evil (xb)

      fallout 3 (360)

      shadow of colossus(ps2)


    9. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, ALL DAY!

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