Ready for the Weekend 15: Halloween!

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  • Halloween is looming large! With ghouls and ghosts out in force, candy to be had and Walking Dead to watch, there is plenty to do this weekend. What are you trick-or-treating as?

    Stu Horvath: I intend to return this evening from a lovely week in Montreal, the city of weird art and poutine. Awaiting me at home is about another hour of Costume Quest, 100 pages of A Night in the Lonesome October and as much Fable 3 as I can squeeze in before The Walking Dead premiere on Halloween night.

    Chuck Moran: I will play the Red Dead Redemption Undead Redemption expansion. I caught up on Dexter this week, so my television viewing is free and clear. I will end up at the Chiller convention at some point this weekend. I know that Traci Lords is there, and I might try and meet her.  Sadly, she probably wouldn’t sing any of the memorabilia I have. I finished Costume Quest last night, and all I wanted to do was watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Happy Halloween!

    John McGuire: This weekend I’ll be looking for fun, adventure and most importantly CANDY in the guise of dressed as Jack Knight (AKA Starman)! I’m looking forward to the premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday night and I will be playing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare all weekend long. Halloween weekend is also great for “sightseeing”, so I will be hopefully doing a lot of that as well. I’m still holding out for a chick in a Powergirl costume.

    Ian Gonzales: They’re coming to take me away, ha ha!  They’re coming to take me away, ho ho!

    Dave Trainer: Before I begin I would like a moment of silence for my beloved Xbox for she left us this past Wednesday night. But no worries I have filled that gap thanks to Microcenter and their 3% sales tax. On another note this weekend I will be attempting to re-learn the guitar for a co-op piece with our own George Collazo for the game power rig. And lastly I am really looking forward to the AMC debut of The Walking Dead this Halloween night.

    BTD: Sadly it looks like the Krang costume I’ve been working on since 1992 will not be finished this year. That’s OK; the costume would make it impossible to walk through any doorways anyway. See, my own head goes where Krang’s brain-part would normally be, and there’s 4 feet of rubber dummy on top of that, so… Impractical.

    Don Becker: I flirted with the idea of letting the editors kill me this week to see what macabre stuff they could come up with.  Alas, my sense of responsibility kicked in instead.  Today I hope to win my office Halloween costume contest with my scary Hanson Brother costume.  I have a lot of stuff in the DVR queue to watch, so hopefully Saturday I’ll get through some shows before I try to work up the courage to watch Suspiria on Netflix.  Sunday, in addition to The Walking Dead premier, I will enjoy some Jets football (6-2 here we come?), and ignore the doorbell-ringing trick-or-treaters and hope that this isn’t the year my next-door neighbor decides to start egging houses.

    Garrett Martin: [Editor’s Note: I’m sorry Mario, but your Garrett Martin is in another castle.]

    Matt Marrone: I am headed to DC for Ironic Political Rally 2010, where I will likely be met by huge crowds and not actually see or hear any of the speakers. ADVENTURE!

    Peter Lang: Saturday will find me traversing the mess of people that is Chiller Theater as I try to get both Tracy Lords and Seka to weigh in on my article “The Lost Art of Adult Film” (Aurora Snow is already helping me out, so maybe I can rope them in with that), which of course, needs to be in by Monday. In-between cavorting with adult film starts of the past and the present, I will be watching as many horror films as I possibly can, brushing up on my Soviet science fiction, watching the Jets emasculate the Packers and as always, looking for work. Oh, and I’ll also be putting the finishing touches on what I hope to be a hilariously offensive Halloween costume. Wait for it…wait for it…

    Jennifer Sisco: RIP bug served me well. You came to me in the summer of 2008, we shared many memories, acheivements, laughs and harships. Through many illnesses she fought, she beat red ring and e74. Fought bravely through all her opearations:disc drive tranplants and fan replacements She left me in Tuesday evening in an attempt to play Fable 3 when her processor just gave out! You will be missed. This leaves ONE Xbox in a house with two people who want to play….haha we will see who wins. Oh yah and super psyched for The Walking Dead!!

    Ethan Sacks: I plan on egging Don’s house.

    Michael Sheridan: This Sunday I plan on reaping the souls of those who have crossed me, peel the flesh from the others who failed to support me, and skull fuck the weaklings who couldn’t decide to do either one. Then… I will eat candy and watch over my little ones as they roam the streets with their begging bags as Supergirl and a Ghostbuster, because that’s right—they are the coolest kids on the planet.

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