Antique Critique: Venture

When Stu Horvath is on a vintage game kick, he finds himself returning again and again to an old favorite: Exidy’s classic Venture for ColecoVision.

Venture Logo

The Wonder of Wonder Woman: Superhero Sexuality


The comic book world got all shook up this week with the surprise redress of one of the medium’s most iconic female characters.

Wonder Woman, the dark haired beauty with golden bracelets, knee-high boots and ample… powers, was given some new modern duds. Some like them, some don’t.

I would have to give the whole thing a big thumbs down. Not just because it makes the powerful princess seem hipster chic, but it strips the voluptuous heroine of her sexuality.

Lovely Beasts

Every once in a while, a comic book comes along that takes my preconceived aesthetic notions and totally twists them inside out. Beasts of Burden by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson is one of those books.

McFly Style: Don’t Fear the Reapers in Mass Effect

Lots of people loved Mass Effect; three years ago, at least, they loved it. If it came out today, I don’t think it could be embraced the way it once was. Does Mass Effect suffer from the complaints that some people have about watching old movies?

Mass Effect

E3 2010: Five Most Memorable Gaming Moments

On the eve of E3 2011, Stu Horvath digs up an old piece on his favorite gaming moments of E3 2010 – did any of them hold up?


E3 2010: How’s my Crystal Ball?

Everyone loves a good prediction, but how often do we take the prognosticators into account the morning after. Find out what I got right and what I got wrong about E3 2010.