Confessions of an Xbox 360 Repairman

George has a problem far beyond the Red Ring of Death. He can’t stop fixing Xboxes.

Scribblenauts Makes Me Happy

Who would win in a fight: God Almighty or Cthulhu?

The Batman Who Wasn’t There

In 1997, the Bat Gravy Train came to a quick, neon soaked end but that didn’t stop fans from scouring the internet for evidence of a new Batman who wasn’t there.

I Wanna be a Blue Sky Ranger!

Don Becker reclaims a piece of his youth by buying a vintage Intellivision and several cartridges.


Hellraiser III: Hell on DVD

Hellraiser III and Nightmare on Elm Street 5, how the hell could things get any worse?

Ready for the Weekend 13

Team Unwinnable is Ready for the Weekend.