Gimme A Break: Sword of Vermilion

Garrett Martin looks back at the folly that is Sword of Vermilion, a mediocre RPG for the Sega Genesis.

Word Lens: Augmented Reality On Acid

Unwinnable is in awe of the new Augmented Reality app for the iPhone, Word Lens, that translates language in the world by scanning it with the lens in the phone.

The Tron-Off

Chuck and Ian venture to Richie Knucklez Arcade Games to watch David Cruz, Donald Hays and Mark Sellers compete for the world record in Tron the videogame.

Ready for the Weekend XXII

Team Unwinnable is Ready for the Weekend.

Mass Reject

The newly announced Mass Effect 3 boasts a teaser trailer that defines the word “unexciting.”

The Recognizer of Christmas Past

Unwinnable listens to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk and remembers the original Tron and its impact on geek culture.