Sixteen Lonesome Octobers

I have read the book A Night in the Lonesome October, by Roger Zelazny, every October since I first spied it sitting on a low shelf of the Waldenbooks at the Ocean County Mall. Here’s why.

A Coward Dies A Thousand Times, A Hero Dies Off-Screen

John McGuire laments the loss of Left 4 Dead’s Bill and laudes the free web comic.

War Hardly Changes: The Disposable Heroes of Medal of Honor

Charles Francis Moran VI goes to war with Medal of Honor and wishes it was Vietnam.

The Night No One Comes Home

Ian reminisces about Halloween III: Season of the Nightmare Fuel.

The Halloween That Should Have Been

Hey, remember that Halloween when your sister got kidnapped by monsters because they thought she was a giant candy corn? Then you really need to play Costume Quest so you can fill in the gaps in your memory.

A Salute To Nightmare Fuel!

Bee Tee Dee reveals the dark origins of… Nightmare Fuel!