X-Men: First Flub

Fox promised fans that the X-Men: First Class trailer would be on the movie’s Facebook page on February 2nd, 2011. When it didn’t appear as promise, fans nearly rioted.

X-men First Class Cast

Community: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Community rolled the 20-sided dice and hit a D&D episode.

The Root of All Power

Unwinnable opens up an Incredible new world as we root the Android.

Young Justice Cartoon Reviewed

Unwinnable reviews Young Justice, Warner Brother’s newest contribution to the DC Universe.

Not Too Long Ago, In A Comic Shop Close By…

Unwinnable reviews the brand new Star Wars comic, Darth Vader and the Lost Command from Dark Horse Comics.


Unwinnable takes a look at the forthcoming Norwegian import The Troll Hunter (Trolljegeren), a found footage documentary about legendary trolls running rampant.