The Man That Time Forgot: Hard-Boiled Wonderland at the End of the States

Peter Lang takes to the road knowing not what Brunswick, Maine holds in store for him. What secrets, clues and curiosities await in the untapped vein of American scholarship that is the Edward Page Mitchell archive at Bowdoin College?

Unwinnable’s Halloween Recap

Team Unwinnable’s Chuck Moran and Ian Gonzales went to the Chiller Theatre after party and encountered a new blend of Nigthmare Fuel

Striking Back At Reality TV

All summer, hoards of fans of the reality TV show line Washington St. to get a taste of the magical cakes crafted by the gang at Carlo’s Bake Shop, lovingly portrayed on TLC as the Mecca of tri-state area bakeries. So many came this past summer they had to erect barricades across the street next to the CVS and hire crowd control personnel, complete with walkie talkies, to keep fans from furiously rushing the door, absentmindedly getting themselves struck by passing cars, or swooning to the pavement in the 95-degree heat.

Ready for the Weekend 15: Halloween!

Team Unwinnable is Ready for Halloween!

The Sound of Horror

What makes a horror movie good? You could say a lot of it has to do with plot, cinematography and direction. However, many of the iconic moments in classic horror movies are related to the music. At the heart of it, music is effective at evoking moods, and the mood of horror classics like The Exorcist, Halloween, or even Jaws would’ve been completely different were it not for Mike Oldfield, John Carpenter and John Williams.

Night of the Diary of the Dawn of the Shambling Living Dead

Ethan Sacks talks to Tom Savini, Robert Kirkman, Stephen Yeun and Steve Niles about the best ways to survive the zombie apocalypse.