It’s Time for Board Games to Take a Stand

In 2013, developer 3909 released Papers, Please. Where are the protest board games?

Close up of the board game box for This War of Mine, which features art from the game and the text "This War of Mine, the Board Game"

Stalingrad was Call of Duty’s Perfect Moment

It’s always strange to praise such things, but the brilliance of Call of Duty’s take on the Battle of Stalingrad is that it felt decidedly unlike a video game.

A smoky, pixelated background with several power lines in the distance. This is a still from Call of Duty 1

Checkpoint – Resident Boring

Resident Evil 7 runs Corey around in circles.

Who rules the entertainment industry?

Streaming changes everything.

Last Week’s Comics 5/10/2017

Unwinnable’s David Shimomura shares his thoughts on the recently collected James Bond 007: Hammerhead.

A man sitting behind a desk scattered with papers. A thought bubble hovers above his head saying "That will be all 007" This is a frame from the James Bond 007 comic Hammerhead

The McMaster Files – The Spoiler Game

To stream, or not to stream?