LEGO Worlds: A Traveler’s Tale

The Master Builder is here to take back the throne from crafty imitators.

Cat Quest Is Playing Dress-Up With Your Disgruntled Tabby

“Cats do whatever the hell they please in real life, but in Cat Quest, you can make them do things for your perverse enjoyment without consequences.”

New Pieces Aren’t the Only Upsetting Thing about Monopoly

Monopoly was never supposed to be fun. Lizzie Magie was trying to teach you that paying rent sucks and that land barons are parasites on our society.

Overpaying the Bills With Too Many Skills

I enjoy skill point allocation. The problem is my brain. Somewhere in this man’s body is the decision-making ability of a child.

How Organic Shopping Lists Can Save Open World Gaming

“If there’s a griffin to be killed, let me overhear a conversation about it and make my own decisions.”

Last Week’s Comics 3/15/2017

Team Unwinnable shares theirs thoughts on The Wicked + The Divine #27 and Hellboy and the BPRD 1954: Ghost Moon # 1.