How to Shoot an Indie Film: Essential Equipment

The tools don’t make the carpenter, but they often make the filmmaker.

Horror’s Nostalgic Heart

Nerdy City’s new storytelling horror RPG Rememorex is fueled by 80s nostalgia.

Last Week’s Comics 6/21/2017

Team Unwinnable reviews Bitch Planet Triple Feature, Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie and Black Bolt in this week’s Last Week’s Comics!

Black Bolt charging toward the camera, his back illuminated by oranges and dark blues. This is art from Black Bolt #2.

Unwinnable Monthly – June 2017

We’ve got your summer reading right here.

Broforce Doesn’t Know If It Wants to Be Mindless or Smart

Broforce is not a poorly-made game. It’s an imperceptive one.

Lit in the orange glow of an explosion, several pixelated action heroes with guns are shown in a heroic pose. This is a promotional image for the game Broforce.

Spider-Man in Arkham New York City

In a way, it seems fitting that Spider-Man would find himself Batman-ing through his own game in 2018.

Spider-Man moutned on the side of a wall in a slightly heroic looking pose. This is a promotional image for the 2018 game Spider-Man