Last Week’s Comics 10/15/2014

Brian Bannen reviews Punks: The Comic #1 and Wytches #1, Sal Lucci checks out Batman #35 and Michael Edwards takes on Nightcrawler #7 in this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics.

Punks 1

Unwinnable Presents: The Josh and Jay Show featuring Rowan Kaiser – Episode 94: Zelda Jelly

Somebody get me a doctor! It is Tuesday and a new episode of the Josh and Jay Show featuring Rowan Kaiser is here!

jjrowan (1)

Purely and Simply Evil

Stu Horvath returns to Haddonfield to examine the legacy of John Carpenter’s Halloween.



Jordan Minor talks to game developers Tom Heinecke (bit Dungeon), David Laskey (Tetrapulse), Matt Carter (Ray’s the Dead) and Brianna Wu (Revolution 60) about some unexpected career milestones.


Ready for the Weekend 10/10/2014

Today is David Lee Roth’s birthday. Celebrate the day as he might.


Unwinnable Weekly Issue Eighteen

Stu Horvath wonders if we really need a Ghostbusters III.