The Josh and Jay Show featuring Rowan Kaiser – Episode 99: Blackwang of Skymall

You and I in a little toy shop, listen to Josh and Jay with the money we got! Floating in the winter sky, Josh and Jay’s episode 99th rolls by!

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Ready for the Weekend 12/5/2014

Well, today, in 1933, Prohibition ended in the United States. That’s a good thing.


Unwinnable Weekly Issue Twenty-Five

Stu Horvath confesses to his girlfriend that he really loves Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Last Week’s Comics 12/03/14

Ian Gonzales tells us why we should save Storm’s stand-alone X-book while Sal Lucci dives into Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #1 and Catwoman #36.


Ready for the Turkey 11/26/2014

It is Thanksgiving. If you can, be thankful, be happy and safe.

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Last Week’s Comics 11/26/2014

Ian Gonzales reviews Batman ’66: The Lost Episode #1, Brian Bannen checks out Pax Americana #1 and Sal Lucci takes on Uncanny X-Men #28 in this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics.

Batman 66 Lost Ep Cover