How Many Fetches to Andromeda’s Emotional Core?

Movie Night is beautiful because it makes good everything good about Mass Effect. In a way, it’s the most Mass Effect mission.

The cast members of the game Mass Effect Andromeda gathering together on a couch.

The Why of Dead Horizon – An Excerpt from Unwinnable Monthly 92

A clash with his grandfather over an old John Wayne western, leaves Matt Ritter struggling for understanding, two decades later.

The Book of Henry is Not So Bad It’s Good

The Book of Henry is a baffling movie. It’s bizarrely bad, but there’s been some issues with coverage where people are implying that it has transcended to being a good-bad movie.

Jaeden Lieberher wearing a pair of steampunky goggles, a flight helmet and with a plunger over his shoulder. This is a still from the movie Book of Henry.

Burnt Offering – Unpopular Opinions

All my unpopular opinions, gathered in one convenient place.

Separate Invisibilities – An Excerpt from Unwinnable Monthly 92

Invisibility is impossible when you’re black.

Dungeon Master: In Defense of Railroading

Railroading can take freedom away from the players, but it can also be a valuable tool for a newer Dungeon Master such as myself.

a woman with a staff stands in front of a large green dragon, a man with a shield at her side. This is a promotional image from Dungeons and Dragons.