Forza Horizon 3 and the Australian Stereotype

The Land Down Under is more than just boomerangs and barbecued shrimp.

Forza Horizon 3 in Australia

The Dad Pad Isn’t as Patronizing as It Seems

Let’s hear it for the dads who spent Father’s Day playing FIFA in Two Button Mode. It may not just be for dads, though.


Game Developer Barbie and E3 Druggings

Mattel is making the game and tech industry more attractive to girls, but women already there are still in danger.


Ready for the Weekend 6/17/2016

Today in 1898 M. C. Escher was born.

MC Escher

Memories of a Childhood Artifact From 6180 the moon

It’s a big solar system where everyone wants something, and the Moon is caught in the middle.


Battlefield 1 Ain’t Much of a WWI Game

Why bother setting your game in WWI when it’ll play like any other time? Is dying of infected trench foot THAT much fun?