Happiness Volume 1, “A Monstrous Adolescence”

The horrors of adolescence are even worse when you’re becoming a vampire.


The Curse of the Collectibles

Whether you like them or not in the N64/PS1 days, collectibles have now been boiled down to tedium and padding.


Westworld is Full of Monsters, They’re the Guests

Westworld is a lot more like Hostel than it is Red Dead Redemption.


The Monster in the Basement

Never turn your back to the hole by the furnace.


How Star Wars Engages The Younger Audience

It was a big week for Star Wars, seeing Rogue One trailers and Ahsoka’s new novel.


Mafia III and The Difficulty Of The Videogame Mixtape

Effectively using music in videogames is a completely different beast from nailing a music in a film.