Diary of an Advanced Locksmith

“I went to the Baker estate today to walk through the house and give them a quote. Jack Baker, the man of the house, seemed a bit…off.”

Nioh Exposes the Lazy Culture of Video Game Genres

Action RPG sounds like a good classification for Nioh until you realize that label is also applied to titles like Diablo III,Borderlands and Fallout 3.

Documentary Sunday – Welcome to Leith

What do you do when Nazis come to take over your town?

Backlog – The Ground on Which our Stories are Contested

Final Fantasy VI “is not an allegory for the current moment. It is not a blueprint for resistance. It is just a story, but a story is a place to begin.”

Last Week’s Comics 2/22/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on last week’s KISS # 5 and this week’s Quantum Teens Are Go # 1.

The Burnt Offering – On Preconceived Notions

How do you create criteria to find more surprises that defy your criteria?