The Josh and Jay Show featuring Rowan Kasier

Episode 108: The Dude Awakens

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This week the gang is back in the garage after a short hiatus and steps in a big, steaming pile of Star Wars. Josh picks up his third copy of GTAV, Jay rocks out to the announcement of Rock Band 4, and Rowan gets his MOBA on with Heroes of the Storm. Plus, Bloodborne, Guitar Hero Live, Pillars of Eternity, charging for Steam mods, the Bobas Fett, and more!

The Josh and Jay Show featuring Rowan Kaiser is a weekly talk show hosted by friends Joshua Doan, Jay Pullman and bitter game critic, Rowan Kaiser.
Joshua and Jay began the podcast as means to entertain and engage a mature audience interested in deep, long-form discussions about video games and video game criticism from a friendly, unpretentious point of view. Sometime later, professional media critic and author Rowan Kaiser (AV Club, Salon, Ars Technica, IGN) joined our crew, solidifying the unique dynamic we enjoy today: two smart & funny gamers, a wry critic savant, and a soundboard. Our goal is the same today as when we started; to provide entertainment and insightful commentary on video game culture in a talk radio format including on-air games, bits, and interviews.
Despite Rowan’s best efforts we have produced reverent, funny and consistent entertainment for nearly three years with guests from a variety of fields in the video game industry including: Lucas Pope (Papers, Please), Kirk Hamilton (Kotaku), Cory Banks (Managing Editor PC Gamer, Gamers with Jobs), Gus Mastrapa (Wired), Johnnemann Nordhagen (Gone Home), Stu Horvath (, Wired), Brad Gallaway (,, Taylor Cocke (Riot Games).
The Josh and Jay Show featuring Rowan Kasier joined the network in July 2014.