Ready for the Weekend 10/30/2015

Seems to be depending on where you live there is a difernet name for the night before Halloween. Have a safe weekend.

Tales from the House of Horrors

Team Unwinnable spins up another ghoulish soundtrack for your Halloween!

Good-Bad Movies for the Season

“There’s very little tension and all of the horror elements are funny, rather than frightening. Maybe that’s the point, though.”

What We Do in the Shadows is Unexpectedly Sweet

“The film shows us how this group of undead functions day-to-day, which oddly is not unlike my experience in a college dorm room.”

October, Shmoctober – UW66

Stu Horvath is soooooo over October.

Trick r’ Treat Is Back. Just Not On the Screen.

There are werewolves. There are zombies. There’s a version of Sackboy when he’s off his medication. What more do you need from Halloween entertainment?