The Darkside Detective is a Short, Brilliant Occult Game

That’s what makes this game so special. In a very perceptible way, The Darkside Detective is like a kind of poetry.

Why Video Game Music Matters

The ability for game music to elicit that kind of psychological response is powerful, and doubly so when nostalgia is involved.

Tails (a yellow fox like creature with tails) and Sonic (a blue hedgehog with a white mittened fist) pose heroically over a text banner taht reads "Sonic the Hedgehog 2"

Checkpoint – Spy Game

There’s nothing quite like a good spy story. CounterSpy is no exception.

Big Indie vs. Small Indie At PAX East

PAX East draws thousands of gamers to its show floor annually- not all floor space is created equal. Is there a hierarchy between indie games?

A slightly blurry photo of the PAX showroom.

Documentary Sunday – Weiner

“Like Huma, the film encourages us to step back and look at politicians like these with ‘a mixture of contempt and sadness.'”

The Tangled Mess that is Dishonored’s Morality

There are many instances where the storyline and mechanics fumble the more complicated morality system, but what confuses it the most is the fact that the protagonist is fundamentally a black-and-white character.

Corvo stands in front of a large full moon, holding out a long blade as he stands firmly on a thin ledge. Inside the orange lit room is well dressed man, not noticing him and to Corvo's left are a series of robots. This is a desktop wallpaper promotional image for Dishonored.