Good-Bad Movies for the Season

“There’s very little tension and all of the horror elements are funny, rather than frightening. Maybe that’s the point, though.”


The Fear of Missing Out on Fear

A distaste for horror films might drive us apart, but it can also bring us together.

Fear Feat 2

Removed: A Photographer Captures the Isolation Effect of Sex Toys

Some photographer took a bunch of photos and digitally erased the cellphones, so we digitally added a bunch of dildos.

Dildo 03

Last Week’s Comic Con

Ian Gonzales didn’t read too many comics last week, but he did spend 4 days at New York Comic Con.


Voice acting doesn’t sell games. But it does make them.

“Characters that draw you into the world and tell you a story are what elevate a functional game to a great game. And, when the voice acting is bad, it’s what drops a functional game to a lousy game.”


The Shenmue III Kickstarter: A Dissent

David Carlton argues against “Bad Penny” and Stu Horvath’s points regarding the Shenmue III Kickstarter.