No Accounting For Taste: Appetite for Destruction

Hitler’s back, and he’s a social media darling.

The Fast and the Furious is the Best Super Hero Franchise

This series has come to embody everything I love about the super hero genre, and gives anything Marvel or DC is putting out a serious run for its money.

The Case For Style as Substance

In Persona 5, even doing your laundry is accompanied by unique melodies and outrageous animations not found anywhere else in the game.

Here’s the Thing: Sick of Chosen Ones

Why does it always have to be a prophecy?

Rookie of the Year: Hack to the Future

There are secrets to be unearthed in Back to the Future, Part II.

Obduction Is A Game For Cartographers

Bridges, shortcuts, looping paths–Obduction is all about finding the connections in a mysterious alien world.