The Dad Pad Isn’t as Patronizing as It Seems

Let’s hear it for the dads who spent Father’s Day playing FIFA in Two Button Mode. It may not just be for dads, though.


Game Developer Barbie and E3 Druggings

Mattel is making the game and tech industry more attractive to girls, but women already there are still in danger.


Battlefield 1 Ain’t Much of a WWI Game

Why bother setting your game in WWI when it’ll play like any other time? Is dying of infected trench foot THAT much fun?


Disengage the Simulator

David gets post-modern as he wrestles with the idea of being a video game. You are tearing me apart, Elon!


The Video Game Prison System Needs Rebooting

Time-outs, loot bans, low-priority queueing; they might just be causing more harm than good.


Food Issue – Thoughts Recap Part 2 of 3

Just how do we eat our games, train attack owls and get so bored with Dark Souls II? Unwinnable has all the answers.