Friends of Geek Flea


Twice a year, Unwinnable organizes Geek Flea. The first reason is simply to be able to hang out with our local North Jersey geek scene and have a good time. The second is to support the website – every dollar of profit we earn at Geek Flea through table rentals, merchandize sales, raffles and our two tables of collectables goes directly into maintaining the site and supporting our editorial budget.

Over the course of five Geek Fleas, though, we’ve created a small community of artists and craftspeople, folks whose work we support. They are the ones the make the flea an amazing experience time and time again, so we wanted to give them a little love in return. The vast majority of Unwinnable readers don’t live in North Jersey, so we’re bring a bit of Geek Flea to the internet.


Please visit and support our sponsors! They help promote the Geek Flea and donate prizes for the raffles – and they are all awesome!

80s Tees

Garden State Rollergirls

Paradox Comics

Barcade Jersey City

Comic Explosion

Loop Lounge


Steve Bley

David G. Hardy

Ric Kinon (Official Site, Facebook)

Rich Lopez

Christian Masot

Geek Boy Press

GLK Creative – George Koroneos of GLK set up a photo booth at Geek Flea V, taking pictures (below) of prize winner and flea goers and Unwinnable’s Chuck Moran.





Amelia Filomena Adorn

Bit Happens (Facebook, Pinterest, Storenvy)

Hoarder Art

iloveyoumonster (Official Site, Etsy)

Posh Adornments Jewelry (Facebook, Etsy, Instagram)

Super Sox Shop

Svornotten Custom Smithing (Facebook, WordPress)

Collectibles and Shops

Jamie’s Playhouse

Searchlight Comics



Big Kev’s Geek Stuff

Idle Hands

Monte’s Mayhem