Unwinnable’s Endless Telethon

We’ve changed.

Unwinnable has become a playful, experimental space where writers tell stories that can’t be told elsewhere: painful memoir, hilarious farce, mind-bending treatise. We are a website dedicated to lowbrow culture and highbrow ideas.

As the Unwinnable sandbox has changed, we’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with the advertisements in the sidebar. So we got rid of them.

Instead, Dear Reader, we turn to you for support. We like writing for you. If you enjoy Unwinnable, or if a particular story moves you, please consider chipping in. Any contribution we receive will go directly toward the expenses of the site, to ensure we stay up and running – and that the writers and editors don’t starve. (We promise not to let it all ride on Black 13 in Vegas.)

In the coming months, as we get our new shop interface up and running, we will be offering a selection of eBook anthologies in exchange for contributions, as a token of our gratitude. Until then, though, please accept our thanks.