Matt Marrone (Maccone)

Marrone Jesus CakeLet’s admit it, you come to Unwinnable every other Monday for Maccone’s Rookie of the Year column and if you happen upon anything else with his byline while you’re here, you click it too.

You feel, in a way, like you already know him (and most likely you do), but despite falling asleep each Wednesday to his authoritative voice on Unlistenable (Unwinnable’s weekly All-Star podcast), you yearn to learn more about him, to explore his background, to understand what drives him to such unyielding perfection.

Unfortunately, you’re going to leave here disappointed. Like so many women in bars across the world (have done to Matt), you’ll be left wanting so much more.

Let Maccone enjoy it.

But to throw you a bone, so to speak, we will fill in at least a few of the basic blanks:

Nickname: Maccone
Occupation: Journalist
Height: 6’3″
Weight: Steadily dropping
Weakness: Sobbing uncontrollably
Gamer Status:Retired as champion
Ex-girlfriend Status: Insane
Podcast Status: Unlistenable
Best Known For: Rookie of the Year
Mostly Unknown For: Silent film directing
Most Highly-Trafficked Piece (Unwinnable): Striking Back At Reality TV
Most Highly-Trafficked Piece (All-Time): The 50 Greatest Yankees
Music Blog: Records I Buy
Christmas List: Find these for me
Twitter: @thebigm

Relationship status: Single