Kenneth J. Lucas

Twitter: @unwintoyhunter, @kursse
XBL: Kurssed           PSN: Kursse

Jack of all trades, master of none is probably the best line to describe me. I have my hands in everything. Musician, artist, builder, tech head, film maker, audiophile and gamer. I write about toys here on Unwinnable and am also the podcast producer and a personality on said podcast. I DJ and record music as Kursse and have a longtime music project by the name of Great Black Nothing.

I am also a collector and have a large music and toy collection. Being an old school model builder, I also have crossed over into toy customization. I am an idea man and have come up with numerous catchphrases, album titles and nicknames – Maccone and Bexter just to name a few.

I am proud to be a member of Team Unwinnable and have had the chance to be a part of events like Toy Fair, PAX East and Geek Flea. If you didn’t know, Geddy Lee bestowed the power of Death Ray upon me during our trip to Boston last year – Team Unwinnable was lucky to escape with their lives!

Music: Skinny Puppy, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Nick Cave, Death In June, Aphex Twin, The Ramones

Movies: The Road Warrior, Escape from New York, The Warriors, The Omen, Halloween, Day of the Dead

Games: Saints Row series, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, MW2, Aki Wrestling games