George Collazo

Aim, SteamID, XBL, PSN: DeadGoWest
Twitter: @GeorgeCollazo

Unwinnable’s resident acoustician and computer specialist, George Collazo can often be found late at night in the team workshop tinkering and repairing the battered devices playtested by the rest of the team. On his off time, he fancies himself a musician, writing in the little known punk rock genre of music, which entails the glorification of having limited technical ability and what laymen call talent. George, as with many other punk rockers, feels that time spent learning his craft is better spent playing videogames. His weapon of choice is the strategy game, which is the Watching Paint Dry style of game in which you allocate imaginary resources and keep clicking Next until a small animation occurs and tells you at random if you or the computer has won.