Erik Weinbrecht

Twitter: @Erock88
SteamID/PSN/XBL: ErockThundah

Musician, Cinephile, Tech-head, Gamer, Literature Nerd. If it’s loud, it bleeds, it screams, has at least a terabyte inside, has ANYTHING to do with Disney and isn’t an Amazonian demon-woman out to disembowel me and wear my flesh, it’s probably my specialty.

I grew up on Iron Maiden, Rocky Horror, Disney, Shakespeare, Star Wars and KISS so, needless to say, I was clearly the most popular kid on the block and NEVER got beat up for it. In fact, I was so awesome that I often forced my parents to lock me in my bedroom where I subjected myself to hours upon hours of Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo just to escape my town-wide fame. After suffering many years of that horrible stigma that is popularity, I’ve decided to write about all the things that made me so damn cool.



Favorite Movies:
Star Wars
Nightmare on Elm St.
Dream Warriors
Vault of Horror
Public Enemies
Nightmare Before Christmas
Toy Story
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Indiana Jones

Favorite Books:
King Lear
Harry Potter
Dark Tower
Nine Stories
Short Cuts
The Hobbit
Ender’s Game

Favorite Games:
Resident Evil 4
Team Fortress 2
Arkham Asylum
Super Mario Galaxy
Legend of Zelda