Chris Martinez

I’m Chris M.

I like playing games, especially games which allowed me to explore. I tend to play the games I own extensively, taking my time to appreciate everything in them but, coming from a poor family, I didn’t own many. I’d rent games, sure, but I was limited in selection and time – I was limited to beating those few available games in less than two days. I had to rush through a game to beat it, use the passcodes written in the manuals or, in the case of some games, use the save files on the cartridge.

I also like learning about the history and development of videogames. I have to credit the Jedi Knight modding community, along with all those early screenshots in magazines that somehow never made it to the final version of a game, for getting me interested not just in games, but in design and how they work.

I distinctly recall learning to draw from trying to copy the artwork from Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog game manuals. As you can see I’ve been at it for a while, but only recently started attending school to get a degree in Illustration and now I’m contributing things to Unwinnable!