Charles Francis Moran VI

Twitter: @JapanDudeGirl
XBL: Charles Francis      SteamID: chucknasty

Chuck started in a “hole-in-the-wall” operation at an insurance group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he still works from time to time when he’s not doing work for Unwinnable. His affable demeanor puts everyone at ease, allowing him to gain access to whatever group he’s been tasked to infiltrate and investigate. His easy-going, good-humored and joking nature could be a façade to disarm targets, or it could be his personality. No one knows, since he always seems to be in the middle of an operation and never breaks his cover.

“An undercover operative gets used to the fact that his cover can be blown while he’s neck-deep in enemy territory. But I also know I can either talk or fight my way out of any situation.”

Having lurked on the internet for years prior to joining Unwinnable, Chuck continues to post the occasional personal rants and ramblings on his own site Japanese Dude-Girl.