The House is the Best Character in Resident Evil 7

The Bakers’ development has strict beginning and ending points, whereas the house is always shifting and evolving as the story progresses.

Overpaying the Bills With Too Many Skills

I enjoy skill point allocation. The problem is my brain. Somewhere in this man’s body is the decision-making ability of a child.

Walking the Line with Patchwork

“There’s something incredibly appealing about a game meant just for two–it can feel intimate and casual and competitive all at once.”

I’ve Had About Enough of The Witness

“There is no reward for completing a difficult series of puzzles except another series of puzzles.”

Diary of an Advanced Locksmith

“I went to the Baker estate today to walk through the house and give them a quote. Jack Baker, the man of the house, seemed a bit…off.”

My Eighty Percent Problem

“If I stopped playing, if I refused to pick up the controller, John would stay safe, forever in digital limbo where bullets are ineffective.”