The Devil’s in the Details

Rowan Kaiser learns that for simulations like Football Manager, too much data makes for a boggy pitch.


Why Garrus is the Real Hero of Mass Effect

Garrus Vakarian is the Mass Effect series. All right, that’s a strong statement, and obviously not literal. So to put it another way: more than any single component of Mass Effect, Garrus embodies the tone, theme and characterization of the series. Garrus is one of two characters who’s a full party member in all three Mass Effect games, alongside Tali. (Unless, of course, you let him die in Mass Effect 2 and import that save into Mass Effect 3. It’s also apparently possible to reject him if you time things right in Mass Effect 1, but I’ve never even seen


Pixel Representations – Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne

Rowan Kaiser discusses Community‘s “Digital Estate Planning” episode, which seems to have gotten the other-media representation of videogames right.


Videogames vs. the World: eXistenZ

Death to the demoness! Rowan Kaiser examines the treatment of videogame logic in Cronenberg’s cult movie eXistenZ.