Last Week’s Comics 11/23/2016

Team Unwinnable reviews Southern Cross #9 and Army of Darkness/Xena Warrior Princess #2.


Last Week’s Comics 10/19/2016

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on this week’s Spell on Wheels and KISS premiers and last week’s Darth Vader finale.


Last Week’s Comics 10/5/2016

Team Unwinnable reviews this week’s James Bond 007, last week’s Saga and X-Men ’92!


Last Week’s Comics 9/21/2016

Team Unwinnable reviews this week’s Hellboy and the BPRD 1954: Black Sun # 1 and last week’s All Star Batman # 2.


Last Week’s Comics 9/8/2016

Team Unwinnable share their thoughts on The Killer Inside Me # 1, The Witcher: Curse of Crows # 1 and Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens #2.


Werewolves These Days

From Lon Chaney to furry fiends knocking back cold ones, we’re talking all things werewolves.