My Three Year Quest to Suffer Through L.A. Noire

What makes L.A. Noire so frustrating is that it seems to resent the things that make it great and love the things that it simply can not do.

How Organic Shopping Lists Can Save Open World Gaming

“If there’s a griffin to be killed, let me overhear a conversation about it and make my own decisions.”

Let Me Make Mistakes: A Plea to Developers

If the medium is going to mature, we need developers willing to make players feel dumb, allowing them the chance to figure things out via trial and error.

When “I’m Not Good At This Game” Becomes “I Hate This Game”

“It soon became clear that I lacked whatever part of the human brain that makes someone naturally good at RTS games.”

Nioh Exposes the Lazy Culture of Video Game Genres

Action RPG sounds like a good classification for Nioh until you realize that label is also applied to titles like Diablo III,Borderlands and Fallout 3.

When Escaping Beats Confronting

“When Resident Evil 7 is at its best, it isn’t asking you to fight. It’s asking you to escape.”