Rookie of the Year: Breaking Up With My Xbox

“I have come to the end of an era – I am finished with the gaming consoles that inspired me to begin this column in the first place.” The Rookie of the Year begins a new chapter.


Rookie of the Year: Not So Empty Nest

To prep for the Newborn of the Year, Matt Marrone spies on his family with a new surveillance camera.


The Seinfeld OASIS

The Rookie of the Year visits Seinfeld’s apartment after reading Ready Player One. Surreal? Not as much as you’d think.


Rookie of the Year: Ace of Vase

“Where do iOS games come from, anyway?” Matt Marrone talks with iOS dev Geoff Gruetzmacher.


Christmas Morning, 2020 AD

Matt Marrone uses the Oculus Rift for the first time and is changed forever.


Rookie of the Year: The Shining and Alex Colville

Matt Marrone discover the connections between Canadian painter Alex Colville and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.