Cayne Is a Potent Mix of Body Horror and Pregnancy

“As a woman who has never given birth before, pregnancy sounds like a disquieting and grisly affair…”

Female Stereotypes Perfect for Hideo Kojima’s Games

Khee Hoon Chan suggests some “deep” character backstories that can help to “justify” Kojima’s next oversexualized female character.

A Normal Lost Phone: A Coming-of-Age Tale For the Digital Age

A Normal Lost Phone is an immersive experience because it does feel like you’re snooping about in an abandoned phone most times.”

Kyofu no Sekai Brings the Twisted Worlds of Junji Ito to Life

Kyofu no sekai, an in-development card-based videogame about cosmic horror, has captured the enigmatic spirit of Ito’s stories extraordinarily well.

Dating Pugs in Hot Date Reminds Me of my Social Anxiety

Out of all the dating sims I’ve tried, Hot Date is probably the only one that manages to capture how frightening and unpredictable dating can be.

American Truck Simulator: A Much Needed Respite from 2016

“Aside from my terrible parking skills, American Truck Simulator is a comforting ride.”