Dating Pugs in Hot Date Reminds Me of my Social Anxiety

Out of all the dating sims I’ve tried, Hot Date is probably the only one that manages to capture how frightening and unpredictable dating can be.

American Truck Simulator: A Much Needed Respite from 2016

“Aside from my terrible parking skills, American Truck Simulator is a comforting ride.”

Dating a Handsome Stallion as a Blushing Office Lady

“While she didn’t find a prince like she imagined, she inevitably found love in another being: an utterly irresistible horse, with moves as smooth as Jagger.”

Pokémon Red and Blue Reflect Your Worldview As a Kid

“Minor but illogical details, like how my poor mum couldn’t afford a bed while I had an entire room to myself, were inconsequential to my eight-year-old self.”

It’s Time to Talk About Videogame Length and Prices

“Some of my favorite games are also some of the shortest in length and content, but they are every bit as worthwhile as titles like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim.”

Queers in Love Reminds Us to Live and Love

In ten seconds, Queers In Love At The End of the World captures the transcendent power of love with greater success than most big budget titles.