Broforce Doesn’t Know If It Wants to Be Mindless or Smart

Broforce is not a poorly-made game. It’s an imperceptive one.

Lit in the orange glow of an explosion, several pixelated action heroes with guns are shown in a heroic pose. This is a promotional image for the game Broforce.

Moirai Will Paralyse You With Indecision

An idyllic, pastoral village hides a dark secret.

A pixelated graphic sheep, among a field of other sheep and in front of a red barn sided on both sides by a scattering of trees and a rock fence. The text on the bottom of the screen reads: [Poke Sheep]. This is a still from the game Moirai

Event[0] May Have Made Me a Villian

The AI is always the villain, right?

The Plurality of Meaning in The Beginner’s Guide

Unless Wreden openly discusses what The Beginner’s Guide is, these interpretations are all correct and wrong at the same time, its intended meaning unknowable like the state of Schrödinger’s cat.

A simple house, set in a blank white world. This is a still from the game the Beginner's Guide

Antigraviator Doesn’t Give A Damn About Realism

Antigravitor, an upcoming futuristic racing title, has no qualms about tossing realism out of the proverbial window; most of the time I’m just careening through the race tracks, the hoverbike whizzing by so quickly that the lights trails in the course make me feel like I’m inside a long-exposure shot.

A hovercar pushing out into an open blue futuristic city, peaking out from under a beige overhang.

Eagle Island Is a Fond Reminder of my Childhood

A man and his dog. A boy and his Pikachu. A girl and her cube. These are stories most videogame fans are familiar with, but I had one of my own as well: a girl and her Charmander.

Title screen from Eagle Island