For Honor Gives Me the Rush of Fighting Games

But Ubisoft’s hack-and-slash title, For Honor, has resuscitated my love for fighting games. It has helped me become less irritable and impatient about learning to play.

Three warriors walking towards the camera. This is promotional material for For Honor.

Rail Theory Stops You From Feeling Heroic

Rail Theory, an upcoming survival horror videogame, feels like the sequel Dead Space 3 could have been.

A bright blue demonic figure standing next to a burst of blue light with a wooden cabin in the background.

The Meditative Rhythm of Receiver

Using firearms in the first-person shooter Receiver is a methodical process.

A hovering handguna nd magazine float in front of a non descript open room with a window pointing towards colorful skyscapers. This is a still from the game Receiver.

Chester Bennington: The Voice I Grew Up With

Then the internet happened. She was told that there are tons of better rock and metal acts out there. She discovered new bands. She learned about hardcore punk, post-hardcore, emo, grunge, post-grunge and many other genres. But she always came back to Linkin Park.

Lead singer of the group Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, holds a mic to his mouth in front of a crowd, his jaw jutting forward and his arm in the air. This picture is in black and white.

The Search for Answers in Prison Architect

The videogame also hints at how the prison is merely a smaller piece of a larger system at work—one that sometimes feels like we, as ordinary citizens, have no influence over.

screenshot of prison architect.

Fight Knight Embraces Repetition

Dance like a butterfly, sting like a knight in shining armor.