Last Week’s Comics 1/11/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on this week’s James Bond: Felix # 1, Red Sonja # 1 and last week’s The Wicked + The Divine # 25.

XenoVerse 2 Makes You Earn a Dragon Ball Z Staple

XenoVerse 2 doubles down on something at the heart of Dragon Ball, training, getting whooped, training, and then coming back better and stronger than before.”

Last Week’s Comics 1/4/2017

Team Unwinnable share their thoughts on Clean Room # 15, AD After Death # 2 and Hulk # 1.

New Year’s Resolution: Introspect Nostalgia to Death

Why do we get so thrilled at the prospect of new Power Rangers but are so hurt when we see the trailer?

On the Necessity of Bombast

“Now, for the first time, I understand the importance of the yearly, over the top, Michael Bay-rific explosion fest.”

The Year of the Secondary Character

“Secondary characters have always been around, but 2016 feels like the year that they exceeded their “secondary” status in important and necessary ways.”