Last Week’s Comics 6/28/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on last week’s Crosswind # 1 and this week’s Swordquest # 1 and KISS # 9.

A man in a cape, eyes obscured, arms crossed at the bottom of the frame. This is a cut from the cover of Swordquest.

How Many Fetches to Andromeda’s Emotional Core?

Movie Night is beautiful because it makes good everything good about Mass Effect. In a way, it’s the most Mass Effect mission.

The cast members of the game Mass Effect Andromeda gathering together on a couch.

Last Week’s Comics 6/21/2017

Team Unwinnable reviews Bitch Planet Triple Feature, Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie and Black Bolt in this week’s Last Week’s Comics!

Black Bolt charging toward the camera, his back illuminated by oranges and dark blues. This is art from Black Bolt #2.

Spider-Man in Arkham New York City

In a way, it seems fitting that Spider-Man would find himself Batman-ing through his own game in 2018.

Spider-Man moutned on the side of a wall in a slightly heroic looking pose. This is a promotional image for the 2018 game Spider-Man

The Beautiful Deconstructionism of Stories Untold

Stories Untold rides the nostalgia about as hard as anyone could. Its font calls out from a time long passed. And yet…

an old computer (maybe a commodore 64) a radio, and a monitor with a sticky note attached. This is a screenshot from the game "Stories Untold"

Last Week’s Comics 5/24/2017

It’s All Kieron Gillen Day at LWC. Team Unwinnable discuss last week’s The Wicked + The Divine: 455 AD and this week’s James Bond: Service.

Cover art from the Wicked and Divine issue. A figure, dressed in toga and laurel crown is lit in a sort of blue with a uplifted hand covered in blood. Behind the figure it looks like there are orange flames rising, and in front of him is the text, slightly opaque that reads "The Wicked"