Samurai Jack is Among the Best Shows Airing

“For Samurai Jack, “mature” means a solid concept cinematically executed to its fullest. Though it is a little bloody along the way.”

Last Week’s Comics 3/22/2017

Team Unwinnable cuddles up with returning old favorites Injection and Sex Criminal. No, we didn’t mean that to sound dirty. Not at all.

New Pieces Aren’t the Only Upsetting Thing about Monopoly

Monopoly was never supposed to be fun. Lizzie Magie was trying to teach you that paying rent sucks and that land barons are parasites on our society.

We Need a Real Nemesis System

“What if any game forced you to own up to the potentially thousands of people you may have wronged?”

Breath of the Wild is Great But Inaccessible

“My dream was for the Switch to blow up the gates to gaming, to be open to as many people as possible. Instead, one of its best launch titles is the gates incarnate.”

Last Week’s Comics 3/1/2017

Team Unwinnable shares their thoughts on James Bond: Black Box # 1 and Sex Criminals # 16.