Happiness Volume 3, “My Bloody Valentine”

“Oshimi has rarely shied away from analyzing what is most clearly unsettling about sexuality; now, he seems eager to explore those elements of it we obscured out of fear.”

Prophecy is Revolution without Revolution

“What I cannot forgive is ambition that announces itself and then never materializes.”

“Silent Air” – The Girl from the Other Side Volume 1

“Few comics possess this sense of reserve and poise; few know how to capture the menace of silence so well.”

Franken Fran’s Thriving Medical Practice

At its best, Franken Fran comes off with such a wicked charge that you feel yourself participating in its delightfully profane acts.

Bungo Stray Dogs Volume 1, “This Mutt’s Got Mange”

“The best of art justifies its own existence…All Bungo Stray Dogs can offer is a barely audible yap.”

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Volume 1, “A Gundam Shame”

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt is achingly cool…cool in that grim, stupid, utterly unselfconscious way a Zack Snyder would eat up.