“Yawning at the Void” – Bungo Stray Dogs Vol. 2

“Even the most generous of audiences is unlikely to find Bungo Stray Dogs willing to return their investment.”

Plot Before Character – Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four

“Hickman is always building to a world-changing catastrophe, but the climax is always so emotionally empty that when it arrives it feels irrelevant.”

“Every Gundam Time…” – MSG: Thunderbolt Vol.2

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt is a tonal mess that knows irony can be used to underpin horror to shocking effect, but has no clue how or when to implement said irony.

Happiness Volume 3, “My Bloody Valentine”

“Oshimi has rarely shied away from analyzing what is most clearly unsettling about sexuality; now, he seems eager to explore those elements of it we obscured out of fear.”

Prophecy is Revolution without Revolution

“What I cannot forgive is ambition that announces itself and then never materializes.”

“Silent Air” – The Girl from the Other Side Volume 1

“Few comics possess this sense of reserve and poise; few know how to capture the menace of silence so well.”