The Book of Henry is Not So Bad It’s Good

The Book of Henry is a baffling movie. It’s bizarrely bad, but there’s been some issues with coverage where people are implying that it has transcended to being a good-bad movie.

Jaeden Lieberher wearing a pair of steampunky goggles, a flight helmet and with a plunger over his shoulder. This is a still from the movie Book of Henry.

The Mummy is a Garbage Movie

The thirstiest of women doesn’t come out of a 5000 year dry spell and jump the actual first man she sees.

Sitting in a military aircraft, Tom cruise looks real solemn. This is a still from the film The Mummy

Last Weeks Comics 6/14/2017

Magnus #1 (Dynamite—Writer: Kyle Higgins; Artist: Jorge Fornes) Magnus #1 is a comic book that I went into with low expectations that were rapidly erased by halfway through the issue. This is smart science fiction that introduces us to the re imagined world of a comic series that once featured a guy in a chainmail miniskirt karate chopping through armies of automatons and retro wacky-looking robots. This series has elements of that, but only time will tell if our Dr. Magnus will go all Old Boy on a bunch of rebelling bots. For now, it seems like she just wants

A black haired woman in a skin tight red and black colorblocked body suit, hair artfully disheveled in a high bun holding a cyborg head, wires falling from its grey skull. It has a feel of any performance of Hamlet where the actor goes "alas poor York I knew him well." This is the cover for Magnus #1.

Neon Maniacs is the Dreamiest of Slashers

Despite all of this it’s criminally underdeveloped and frankly, a must see. So few 80’s slashers manage to be any good, and this one somehow stumbles into genius simply by being unfinished.

A "teenage" boy and girl lie on each other, as if caught mid make out. This is a still from the film Neon Maniacs.

Alien: Covenant is an Uneven, if Good, Haunted House

Designed for an audience literate in the world of Alien, there’s few moments in Covenant where you are left unaware of the impending doom of the crew. Every new reveal is just a reminder that what you’re watching is an Alien movie.

Two people sitting across from each other at a table in a science fiction spaceship. They are Daniels and Oram, characters from Alien: Covenant

The Lost City of Z is Just Another White Explorer Story

“The English go native very easily…there is no disgrace in it,” English explorer Percy Fawcett once wrote.

Charlie Hunnam (playing explorer Percy Fawcett) facing off without arms against a bunch of armed indigenous tribesman in a lush green valley. This is a still from the film The Lost city of Z