Alien: Covenant is an Uneven, if Good, Haunted House

Designed for an audience literate in the world of Alien, there’s few moments in Covenant where you are left unaware of the impending doom of the crew. Every new reveal is just a reminder that what you’re watching is an Alien movie.

Two people sitting across from each other at a table in a science fiction spaceship. They are Daniels and Oram, characters from Alien: Covenant

The Lost City of Z is Just Another White Explorer Story

“The English go native very easily…there is no disgrace in it,” English explorer Percy Fawcett once wrote.

Charlie Hunnam (playing explorer Percy Fawcett) facing off without arms against a bunch of armed indigenous tribesman in a lush green valley. This is a still from the film The Lost city of Z

Little Nightmares is Rage-Inducing For All the Wrong Reasons

Little Nightmares is incandescently lovely. It has the kind of look that feels like a showroom model for how good the Unreal Engine is. At the same time, Little Nightmares might be one of the worst games I’ve played, mechanically, in a long time. In short, this is the prettiest game I never want to play again. In Little Nightmares you play a yellow rain coated creature/child, trying to escape from the bowels of some sort of nightmare ship. Everything wants to eat you as if you are the finest of delicacies, every corner is dripping wet and affected –

A small child in a yellow rain coat stands on a piece of luggage amid a sea of shoes. This is a still from the game Little Nightmares.

Self Insert – Mpreg

This month’s weird fan fiction trend: male pregnancy!

Casting JonBenet is a Vacuous Portrait of an American Tragedy

Is Casting JonBenet experimental or just abusive to its performers and its subject matter?

Why the Best Thing on the Internet Right Now is a Naked Butt

It’s OK, you can look at my butt.

with half lidded eyes, a claymation figure rests naked on a bed but facing skyward. It is a screenshot from Kirsten Lepore's short film Hi Stranger.