Panels & Frames: Fun With the Dead

Hi, I am Ian Gonzales and I have opinions. I’ve been writing for Unwinnable since the summer of 2010. I mostly write about comic books and movies (hence the title, Panels & Frames) and I curate our annual Best Comics list. This is a place where I will ruminate on whatever catches my fancy or my ire in this all encompassing box we call culture. So, here we are. Today, I am here to write about zombies.


Survival of the Geekiest

Dennis Scimeca crafts a side story about The Walking Dead‘s fall of Atlanta.

All in My Head: A DayZ Journal – Part 4

For better or worse, James Dalzell’s DayZ journal comes to its chilling conclusion.

All in My Head: A DayZ Journal – Part 3

Jamie Dalzell tries to carve out a tiny bit of redemption as the DayZ journal continues.

All in My Head: A DayZ Journal – Part 2

Jamie Dalzell examines and embraces the lack of systems of morality in the harsh world of DayZ.

All in My Head: A DayZ Journal – Part 1

Jamie Dalzell journeys to the heart of darkness in DayZ.

Uhhhrng Brains… How We Fell in Love With Zombies

Erik Weinbrecht applauds the world’s acceptance and newfound love for zombies.

Walking Dead2

Record Break: Zombie Rollercoaster!

Unwinnable would like to congratulate our NJ, NYC and Philly Zombies for breaking the Guinness World Record for most costumed riders on a theme park ride – and keeping it real…real cosplay.