Pretension +1: Gaming With a Baby

Knowing something is one thing. Grasping it can be something entirely different. I have long known that parents are hard-pressed for time. There’s a lot that goes into keeping a small child alive. You must feed them, change their diapers, stop them from crying and keep them from accidentally killing themselves in a world pretty much designed to harm small, incompetent creatures. These mandatory tasks don’t leave room for things the childless might take for granted, such as an afternoon spent playing a videogame or an unhurried bowel movement.


The Little Things

Mitchell Bowman finds a gem amid some increasingly tiresome first-person shooters: Earth Defense Force 2017.

Does Whatever a Hacked Out Game Can – Spider-Man: Edge of Time Reviewed

Ian Gonzales’ enthusiasm dissolves like hour-old web fluid as he plays Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

Rookie of the Year: Wii Envy

The Rookie of the Year has stopped playing with his Wii. Here’s why.


Post Mortem: Bastion

Ian Gonzales gives Bastion for Xbox Live Arcade a post mortem review.


The “Common Sense” Reaction: Blame Videogames

British news outlets were perhaps too quick to blame Xbox for the death of Chris Staniforth.

red ring of death

Waiting In Line For Inferior Product

Eb Samuel laments the release of Mass Effect 2 for PS3. The videogame has improved graphics and all the DLC XBox users paid for.


Unwinnable reviews Pac-Man Championship Edition DX for the XBox 360. The new mazes and gameplay tweaks make this downloadable game a must-own!