Halo, Southpaw and the Left Hand Path

Gus Mastrapa draws a tenuous line between left-handed controls for videogames and the Church of Satan. Will you follow him down that path?


The IGF is Just Fine – You’re the Problem

Jenn Frank takes issue with recent criticism of the IGF and explains why you shouldn’t fight the people who love you. Hint: it’s because they love you.


The Devil Inside

Ian Gonzales discusses loss of self and The Exorcist.

Exorcist - Merrin

The Devil and the D20

Tim Mucci, the Tabletop Wizard, delves into the alleged sinister and soul-stealing effects of Dungeons & Dragons.


Unmixable: The Devil’s Playground

Kursse returns to Unmixable with a dark mix inspired by Satan. No one is safe.


Favorite Satans: Top Depictions of the Devil in Movies

Ed Coleman takes a humorous look at portrayals of the Devil in film.

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