Gone But Not Forgotten

Andy Hunt looks back at an American icon: the arcade.

From the Ashes: The Death of an Arcade

Rob Haines recounts the death – and rebirth – of the arcade on the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare.

E for Everyone

Richard Clark learns about gaming inclusiveness at the Smithsonian’s Art of Video Games exhibit.


The Cure for Angry Birds Fever

Angry Birds is a phenomenon and an opportunity. Gus Mastrapa gives the army of videogame evangelists their marching orders.


Unwinnable reviews Pac-Man Championship Edition DX for the XBox 360. The new mazes and gameplay tweaks make this downloadable game a must-own!

Of Boxes and Dots

Hexage is back with EVAC, a tribute to Pac-Man (with a twist). This should not surprise you if you’ve been paying attention.