The Most Difficult Fight in Mass Effect 3

Rowan Kaiser hones in on the level design techniques that make the Atrium of Grissom Academy such a bad place to have a firefight.


The Josh and Jay Show Featuring Rowan Kaiser – Episode 113: One Comma Club

Josh, Jay and Rowan are back with more fun than a Mako full of monkeys, with episode 113.

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The Josh and Jay Show Featuring Rowan Kaiser – Episode 112: Bat-hurt

In episode 112 of the Josh and Jay show featuring Rowan Kaiser, we have lots of bats!

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Verse and Controller

J. Stephen Addcox examines the importance of poetry in videogames like Gone Home, Ni No Kuni, Skyrim and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.


The Josh and Jay Show Featuring Rowan Kaiser – Episode 101: The Banjos Kazooie

This week Josh crawls some dungeons in Persona Q, Jay climbs some trees in AC: Rogue, and Rowan makes some friends traveling with his 3DS. Plus, a tale of pc woes, CK2 Way of Life dlc, Demon Gaze, vanilla vodka reviewed, a whole lotta Dragon Age Inquisition spoilers, and more!

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The Biggest Choice You’ll Never Make

The following is a reprint from Unwinnable Weekly Issue Twenty-Seven. If you enjoy what you read, please consider purchasing the issue or subscribing. ——— The modern BioWare phenomenon begins with a choice. Part of the way through the first Mass Effect game (released in 2007), you and your party land on a planet called Virmire and you’re tossed into a big action sequence. At its climax, two of your party members leave to do two different things, something goes wrong and you have a choice: save Kaiden, or save Ashley? One lives. One dies. That’s not how big-budget games were supposed to