The Jostle Letters

Hi Pippin, Congratulations on Jostle Bastard! I am keen to see what folks think of it, not only because it is great fun, but also because you’ve given us such a deep look into its development by sharing your notebook, diary entries and so many production builds of the game. The only thing that is missing is something you and I have frequently discussed over the course of the year: the role of satire in Jostle Bastard. I think this is particularly interesting because I don’t see much satire in videogames. Or, at least, not good satire. Grand Theft Auto

Jostle Letters


A bad illness in real life has left Stu Horvath wondering why he never feels anything but healthy in videogames.


Memories of Memories

George Weidman questions the universality of nostalgia-driven pop culture.

A Small Victory

Sometimes a small victory is better than none at all.


Ready for the Weekend 4/5/2013

Today in 1895, playwright Oscar Wilde lost his criminal libel case against the Marquess of Queensberry, who had accused the writer of homosexual practices. Do something awesome this weekend!

The Best Music of 2012

Unwinnable picks the best music of 2012. Climb on board and crank the volume!


Ready for the Weekend 12/21/2012

Everyone have a happy and safe weekend. Be it with family or friends, heck if you all lived near by I would make each one of you a cup of hot chocolate and put a candy cane in it. Have good times and be good to each other.

Ready for the Weekend 12/14/2012

Today in 1903, the Wright Brothers made their first attempt at flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Pretty cool! What are you doing this weekend?