Unwinnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 50

Some milestones are reached with celebration, some are just reached. Enjoy ourĀ 50th episode.


The Jostle Letters

Hi Pippin, Congratulations on Jostle Bastard! I am keen to see what folks think of it, not only because it is great fun, but also because you’ve given us such a deep look into its development by sharing your notebook, diary entries and so many production builds of the game. The only thing that is missing is something you and I have frequently discussed over the course of the year: the role of satire in Jostle Bastard. I think this is particularly interesting because I don’t see much satire in videogames. Or, at least, not good satire. Grand Theft Auto

Jostle Letters


A bad illness in real life has left Stu Horvath wondering why he never feels anything but healthy in videogames.


Memories of Memories

George Weidman questions the universality of nostalgia-driven pop culture.

A Small Victory

Sometimes a small victory is better than none at all.


Ready for the Weekend 4/5/2013

Today in 1895, playwright Oscar Wilde lost his criminal libel case against the Marquess of Queensberry, who had accused the writer of homosexual practices. Do something awesome this weekend!