Hellboy and the Right Hook of Doom

The first time I came across Hellboy was after a particularly nasty winter storm on a Saturday afternoon  in February of 1994. The New York Comic Book Spectacular was being held at at the Javitz Center despite the cruddy weather. Dark Horse Comics was showing off their Legend imprint. Legend was an umbrella for creator owned comics that featured Frank Miller’s Sin City, Miller and Dave Gibbon’s Martha Washington Goes to War, John Byrne’s Next Men, Paul Chadwick’s Concrete, and the debut of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. See, I went to the show to get John Byrne to sign some X-Men


Best Comics of 2013

Team Unwinnable picks our favorite comic books of 2013.

sex Criminals2

Shelf Space

It is a fact that Stu Horvath has too many books. Something needs to be done.


Of Men and Monsters – A Look at Historical/Fictional Mash-Ups

Ken Lucas takes a look at historical figures who are zombie killers, vampire hunters and demon slayers.

The Best Comic Books of 2010

Team Unwinnable picks the best comic books of the year.


Ian vs. the 90s

Superman was not Superman and Batman was not Batman. The only super hero I could get into was a hell-born baby brought to our world by a mad monk. It was the 1990s and it was a dark time for comics.