The Sam Machkovech Show with Stu Horvath: Episode 2

It’s Episode 2 of The Sam Machkovech Show with Stu Horvath!

How I Let Go of Star Wars

Gus Mastrapa explains how he jettisoned his Star Wars nostalgia.

Lucas Has Gone Bye-Bye

George Lucas is hard at work taking a sledgehammer to his credibility, Olivia Noel Davis reports.

darth vader

May Lucas Force This Upon Us

More changes to Star Wars surface as Blu-ray release approaches.

star wars logo

U.K. Supreme Court Ruling a Huge Loss for George Lucas

The U.K. Supreme Court has again ruled in favor of Andrew Ainsworth, allowing him to manufacture and sell stormtrooper costumes despite George Lucas trying to shut him down.


Star Tours: A New Hope

Heather Sedlak revisits her beloved Star Tours and lets us know if the 3D Redux is worth it.

star tours