Return to Call of Cthulhu – UW69

Stu is looking forward to driving his RPG players insane in Call of Cthulhu. Plus: We’re going MONTHLY!


Eye of the Beerholder Episode 5 – 100XP for Not Breaking Kayfabe

Eye of the Beerholder returns to talk about the astral plane, Fifth Edition, bards and the banishment of Charles Moran.

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A Ship of Broken Jedi

“Every other character who can actually see the Force describes the player as a walking emptiness.” John Wm. Thompson on KOTOR2’s oddness and arguable success.


The End of the Campaign – UW62

Stu Horvath reflects on the end of his ten year D&D campaign.


Unleash the Tarrasque – UW61

This weekend is my bachelor party. We’re going to the Poconos to play Dungeons & Dragons all weekend.


Eye of the Beerholder Episode 4 – Dub Sirens & Dragons

The Beerholders go deep into nostalgia, discussing the 1980s LJN D&D toys and childhood notebook doodles.

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