Eye of the Beerholder – Episode 1 – Undungeonable?

Welcome to the first episode of Eye of the Beerholder, where your hosts Shawn Dillon and Stu Horvath talk about Dungeons & Dragons, monsters and how drunk they are.

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Ready for the Weekend 6/26/2015

It comes every week. Friday!


Unwinnable Weekly Issue Forty-Seven

In Dungeons & Dragons, death is an opportunity.


Here Be Dragons

There are curious D&D treasures to be found buried in the old back issues of Dragon Magazine.


Unwinnable Presents: Unlistenable Episode 56 – Countdown to Geek Flea 9

Episode 56 is here to rock you like the KLF.


Ready for the Weekend 3/13/2015

I feel like we just had a Friday the 13th last month! Well IĀ other news, today in 1982 the TV drama “T.J. Hooker” premiered on on ABC starring William Shatner.