Dead-End Narrative

“In a world full of challenges, when our lives are defined by one obstacle after another, violence is a dead-end narrative.”

DOOM’s Credits: A Cut Above the Rest

DOOM knows hot to keep you glued to your seat, even after the game’s over.

Doom credits Feature Image

Ready for the Weekend 5/20/2016

Today in 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receive a U.S. patent for blue jeans with copper rivets.

Lost Worlds: A.L.T.

Somewhere lost in a subworld of a subworld, a strange little bastard child of a game exists called A.L.T., a Doom II mod released in 2012 by a group of Russian modders known as Clan [B0S]. A.L.T. begins with the peculiar sight of a bloodied Doom marine in front of a door, frozen in the middle of a dying animation. A whole 30 maps later it ends with the player coming back out the other side of that door as that marine and dying. But here, in our pre-awakened state, moving causes you to abruptly take damage, and turning around

Gaming Grammatically

Brendan Keogh teaches us about the language of videogames.

The Videogame Criticism You Don’t See

Marjorie Jensen has kept videogames at arm’s length because even though violence isn’t contagious, it isn’t appealing either.