Death on its Own Terms

Steve Haske battles Dark Souls and the flu…and finds defeat.

Dark Souls

Playing God: On Death, Motherhood and ‘Creatures’

Jenn Frank ruminates on death, motherhood and Mindscape’s game, Creatures.


Coming Down in the Bear Chair

Gus Mastrapa revisits his raver days of drugs, videogames and death – and the blinders that got him through.


Die A Zillion Deaths: A Bee Tee Dee Comic

Unwinnable presents a Bee Tee Dee comic on death in videogames.

Zillion Deaths_header

Mourning the Non-Existent

Ezio Auditore is dead. Why is that so upsetting? Stu Horvath turns to Umberto Eco for answers.


Toys of the Dead – Collectibles Inspired By All Things Gruesome

Ken Lucas, the Unwinnable Toy Hunter, travels through Hell to find the most bizarre toys and collectibles this side of the River Styx.

Death and the Devil Surprising Two Women