The Fear in a Handful of Dust

“My fears are mundane things. I grew out of ghosts and monsters long ago…”

None Up – UW60

My gran, my mother’s mother, is dying. All I can think about are extra lives.

An Open Field

“Even if we had another chance, another life to live, we would make mistakes again. Maybe the same ones.” Ansh Patel discusses physical and virtual death.

Unwinnable Weekly Issue Fourteen

Stu Horvath has a back to school flashback and introduces the stories in the latest issue of Unwinnable Weekly.

Pretension +1: Come Through

Last weekend we buried my friend Carlos Batts on the side of a hill in Glendale. It was the magic hour, so the sun and smog conspired to give mourners a Tony Scott panorama of downtown Los Angeles while we pondered the loss of a friend gone too soon. In attendance were the bent and burnt of Hollywood. I counted more than a few pornographers in black, models with tattoos spilling from dress sleeves too. One dude looked like a East L.A. biker. More than a few bore the cultivated look of art collectors and gallery owners – pricey-looking clothes

I Still Believe in Happy Endings

The Rookie of the Year reflects on losing his unborn daughter.