Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and Life in Motion

Life isn’t static. Virtual life shouldn’t be either. AC: Syndicate does it right, creating life through the magic of motion.


Shaving with Tweezers

Stu Horvath has a deep compulsion to play Assassin’s Creed games.


The Josh and Jay Show featuring Rowan Kasier – Episode 122: Mobo in the Fofo

This week, the guys figure out the best way to manage their inventory using the latest in Bluetooth technology.

jjrowan (1)

Shakespeare in Wrist Blades – UW59

The people who are making the new Macbeth movie are the same people who are making the Assassin’s Creed movie. Yes, you read that right.


Unwinnable Weekly Issue Twenty-Four

Stu Horvath discusses a new project collecting player made maps and notes, and reveals the stories in Unwinnable Weekly Issue Twenty-Four.


Practical Misanthropy

There it was, shattered as if by a falling tree branch, except there were no trees nearby to do the shattering. Someone had pulled into my driveway to turn around and hit the corner post of my fence. They hit it so hard that they dislodged the concrete mooring and the force shattered the top crossbar, splaying the pickets out like pick-up sticks. Then they drove off. It was the middle of the afternoon.