Consentacle: Tangles with Romance

Naomi Clark’s two-player card game about a curious human romantically engaging with a tentacled alien


Makoto Shinkai: An Auteur’s Evolution

Makoto Shinkai’s got a new film – somehow with a longer title than the last one – and Unwinnable’s got the goods on it!

Fall 2011 Anime Preview

Brian Miller looks at the next season’s upcoming animated shows from Japan.

Fall 2011 Anime Preview

Enlightenment By Epic

Dan Imperiale is burning sutras and killing the Buddha in his review of Osamu Tezuka’s anime Buddha: The Great Departure.

Buddha: The Great Adventure

Summer 2011 Anime Picks

Supplement your beach reading with Brian Miller’s top picks for this summer’s anime season.


Sakura-con Plays Matchmaker

Maybe not me personally since, as a member of the press, one must keep an arm’s length in these situations–or maybe I’m just no Don Juan–but however you look at it, Sakura-con spared no expense finding ways to marry off the masses of single anime fans at their convention. The first night hosted a panel called “How to Talk to Girls,” which included some examples of what not to say from popular anime. Later that night there were waltzing lessons and a grand masquerade ball at which people actually danced. I might have expected something more like that one dance-less