On the Lunacy of the Groom’s Cake – UW63

Stu Horvath is excited to get married, but man, weddings are weird.


The End of the Campaign – UW62

Stu Horvath reflects on the end of his ten year D&D campaign.


Unleash the Tarrasque – UW61

This weekend is my bachelor party. We’re going to the Poconos to play Dungeons & Dragons all weekend.


None Up – UW60

My gran, my mother’s mother, is dying. All I can think about are extra lives.

None Up

Revving the Engine: Outlaws

“I want to re-write the way the VFX industry does things and use games tech to do it.” Sponsored by Unreal Engine 4.


Shakespeare in Wrist Blades – UW59

The people who are making the new Macbeth movie are the same people who are making the Assassin’s Creed movie. Yes, you read that right.