Call Me Snake – UW70/71

Stu Horvath fucking hates Metal Gear Solid.


Revving the Engine: Planet Alpha 31

Stu interviews Adrian Lazar, (mostly) sole developer of alien platformer Planet Alpha 31. Part of a series of profiles sponsored by Epic.


Return to Call of Cthulhu – UW69

Stu is looking forward to driving his RPG players insane in Call of Cthulhu. Plus: We’re going MONTHLY!


Revving the Engine: Adrift

Stu interviews Adam Orth, creator of the upcoming space “first person experience (FPX)” ADR1FT. Part of a series of profiles sponsored by Epic.


Content is the Opiate of the Masthead – UW68

A website that chases advertising dollars with lists and re-writes is the same as a factory that pumps toxic waste into the ecosystem.


A Collection of Apocalypses: An Interview with Paul Tremblay

“When horror is done well, I love the sense of awe, of holy-shit-what-is-that…” Stu talks with horror writer Paul Tremblay on his influences, past and future.