Revving the Engine: The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti

Stu interviews Johnny Galvatron, musician, novelist, and lead designer behind the upcoming The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti. Part of a series of profiles sponsored by Epic.


Unwinnable Weekly Issue Fifty-Four

Ant-Man‘s all right but that might not be good enough.


Unwinnable Weekly Issue Fifty-Three

Stu Horvath weighs in on the latest Gawker kerfluffle.


Eye of the Beerholder – Episode 2: Roll for Initiative

Eye of the Beerholder – now with 50% more nostalgia and 100% more githyanki.

Eye - Header - Flipped Mix

An Appreciation of Witcher’s Work

Stu Horvath praises The Witcher 3 and its multi-faceted protagonist Geralt of Rivia.


Unwinnable Weekly Issue Fifty-Two

We made it a year!