Historian of the Future: An Interview with Andrew Groen

Megan had the opportunity to sit down with Andrew Groen, author of Empires of EVE


Building Languages in Games: An Interview with Dr. Jessica Sams

From Simlish to Tho Fan to the terrible sounds that Tidus made, Megan and Dr. Sams discuss all parts of fake languages and why they make such a difference.


Laser Kittens: X-Men Meets Internet Cat Videos Meets Table Top

It’s leap day! Let’s make use of this elusive day by peering into the minds of our kitten overlords.


Downfall Asks: How Do You Want to Spend the End of Days?

A floating island, falsified data, collaboration and a society about to slide into oblivion.


Accidentally Killing the World With Kindness

Just some of the ways that humanity might accidentally shoot itself in the foot


The Mark Hamill Movie Marathon: A How-To Guide

For as long as mankind has loved Mark Hamill, it has also faced its greatest foe: properly preparing for Mark Hamill Movie Marathons. Together, with this How-To Guide, we can beat that foe.