“Every Gundam Time…” – MSG: Thunderbolt Vol.2

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt is a tonal mess that knows irony can be used to underpin horror to shocking effect, but has no clue how or when to implement said irony.

New Year’s Resolution: Introspect Nostalgia to Death

Why do we get so thrilled at the prospect of new Power Rangers but are so hurt when we see the trailer?

Carrie Fisher, 1956-2016

In Carrie Fisher, the world lost more than a princess.

Who is Eleven’s Papa? A Stranger Things Theory

There are a lot of questions to be answered in the wake of Season 1. Who is Eleven’s papa? Can Steve’s hair get any taller?

Duskers: Finding Love In An Empty Space

Have you ever visited a Video Games Therapist?

Duskers Explore Derelict Ships

Hack the Planet: Mainlining Demo

Wouldn’t it be great if Hollywood was right, and hacking was actually just rollerblading and drinking soda all day?