Last Week’s Comics 4/16/2014

Ian Gonzales reviews Flash Gordon #1 and Nightcrawler #1, while Jill Scharr looks at Batman Eternal #1 and Shutter #1 in this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics.

Flash Gordon 1

Last Week’s Comics 04/02/14

Ian Gonzales rates Star Slammers Remastered #1 and Jill Scharr reviews The Wake #7; Brian Bannen tackles The Bunker #2, Deadly Class #3 and The Superior Spider-Man #30 in this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics.


Last Week’s Comics 3/26/14

Brian Bannen reviews Anne Bonnie #1, American Vampire: Second Cycle #1, Daredevil #1 and Jill Scharr reviews Batwoman #29 in this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics.


Too Much Face Time

Jill Scharr laments the third-person disconnect in 2014′s Thief.

Last Week’s Comics 3/5/2014

Brian Bannen reviews Superman #28, Revenge #1 and Hawkeye #15, while Jill Scharr takes on Lois Lane #1 in this week’s edition of Last Week’s Comics.

Superman 28

Am I the Novelist?

Sometimes there are no perfect solutions or happy endings.


Best Games of 2013

How do you compare Grand Theft Auto V with Papers, Please? Or Assassin’s Creed IV with Gone Home? These are the kinds of questions that have defined 2013. In the year after small studio games dominated the conversation, we’ve not entered the Indie Promised Land. Instead, we found ourselves in a strange landscape, of new consoles no one cares about, of endless debates, of thoughtful AAA games and ephemeral indies. We spent several annoying months hearing people ask, “Is this even a game?” This is all good news. The binaries – indie vs AAA, formalist vs zinester, LOL vs Dota


Best Movies of 2013

In 2013, the big screen of the darkened movie theater took a back seat to the decidedly smaller screen of the living room, as television shows asserted their dominance in the cultural conversation. Was there anything worth seeing this year? We dug deep, beneath the overblown action movies and mindless comedies, and found some gems.