Unearthly Remains Episode 3 – The Underbelly of the Beast

Slice open the underbelly of the beast with us on this episode of Unearthly Remains.

Unearthly Remains

The Daily Chthonicle: A Letter to the (Next) Editor

Driven insane by the unspellcheckable Lovecraftian horror of it all.


Strahd vs. Nyarlathotep

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Red Thread Fever

Not all tabletop role-playing games use handouts right, but when they do, it is amazing.


Fervescence: An Interview with Livia Llewellyn

“Horror and erotica occupy the same dark edges of human existence.” Stu Horvath interviews erotic horror writer Livia Llewellyn.


The Japan Issue – Variation Recap

Horror author Livia Llewellyn, Rocket League, Mad Max: Fury Road, Hitman: Agent 47 and Hypercharge – all in this Unwinnable Monthly.