The House is the Best Character in Resident Evil 7

The Bakers’ development has strict beginning and ending points, whereas the house is always shifting and evolving as the story progresses.

Diary of an Advanced Locksmith

“I went to the Baker estate today to walk through the house and give them a quote. Jack Baker, the man of the house, seemed a bit…off.”

The Prettiest Nightmare

Unspeakable horrors await you as you road trip across the unsettling beauty of small-town America.

When Escaping Beats Confronting

“When Resident Evil 7 is at its best, it isn’t asking you to fight. It’s asking you to escape.”

Cayne Is a Potent Mix of Body Horror and Pregnancy

“As a woman who has never given birth before, pregnancy sounds like a disquieting and grisly affair…”

Resident Evil 7’s Greatest Influence Is a Forgotten Horror Classic

“The only rental left was some game called Condemned: Criminal Origins. Reluctantly, I took it to the checkout counter.”