Horror’s Nostalgic Heart

Nerdy City’s new storytelling horror RPG Rememorex is fueled by 80s nostalgia.

Monster Closets – Zombi

Let’s re-enact George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead with the founders of Ubisoft!

Monster Closets – Haunting: Starring Polterguy

Brock introduces us to the best Beetejuice sim on the market circa 1993.

Why the Best Thing on the Internet Right Now is a Naked Butt

It’s OK, you can look at my butt.

with half lidded eyes, a claymation figure rests naked on a bed but facing skyward. It is a screenshot from Kirsten Lepore's short film Hi Stranger.

Burnt Offering – When the Void Looks Back

If the cosmic gods of horror are utterly indifferent to mankind, why do human cultists worship them?

The House is the Best Character in Resident Evil 7

The Bakers’ development has strict beginning and ending points, whereas the house is always shifting and evolving as the story progresses.