Kyofu no Sekai Brings the Twisted Worlds of Junji Ito to Life

Kyofu no sekai, an in-development card-based videogame about cosmic horror, has captured the enigmatic spirit of Ito’s stories extraordinarily well.

Unwinnable Listens to the Best Music of 2016 – Part One

Week One is over. We’ve suffered no casualties. 2017 is a miracle.

Fear in a Handful of Cards

“You’re trapped in your parlor. The door is gone. Outside you hear the skittering of… things. Things you can’t comprehend.”

Why is There All This MPreg in Death Stranding?

In Death Stranding, it’s not terribly hard to see the hints of one of fanfiction (and horrors) beloved tropes, that of male pregnancy.

Happiness Volume 2, “A Lovely Monstrosity”

“The horrors in Happiness accumulate slowly…”

Blood Blockade Battlefront, or “Fight Nights, Blood City”

“What Nightow understands is that New York City is a kind of barely contained chaos bursting with wild energy and implicit violence.”