The Blunt Force of Addiction

When you’ re addicted, your life becomes a series of cliches.


Fear the Old Blood

“While Christ suffered and died on the Cross, so too the inhabitants of Yharnam: divinity is a fleshly thing.” Religion, games, we’re all Blood Starved Beasts.

Bloodborne Monster

Unearthly Remains Episode 3 – The Underbelly of the Beast

Slice open the underbelly of the beast with us on this episode of Unearthly Remains.

Unearthly Remains

The Daily Chthonicle: A Letter to the (Next) Editor

Driven insane by the unspellcheckable Lovecraftian horror of it all.


Strahd vs. Nyarlathotep

Who would win in a fight?


Red Thread Fever

Not all tabletop role-playing games use handouts right, but when they do, it is amazing.